20th Anniversary Key

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A1 CLUB 20th Anniversary Key

  Not only as small as possible for anniversary accessories, but also pursued a good feeling in practical use

  Prepared a Straight Key and a Paddle. Basic mechanical size such as 30mm of width is unified.
  Other parts, such as brass treatment, thickness of material, dust cover size are also commonized to give the unified design sense.

 Nick Name: さえずり saezuri
  "saezuri" in Japanese means tweet of birds.
  This nick name comes from it's pretty size like "hand riding sparrow". As like as s sparrow tweet on a hand, "hand riding key" tweets Morse Code on your hand!

 Details: [Straight Key]    [Paddle]   [Homebase]   How to connect[PDF]    How to sdjust[PDF] 

 Distribution: SOLD OUT

Straight Key

Complete set with optional homebase


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