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A1 Club's slogan
A: Attract people to CW.    
1: One world by Morse Code.
C: Courtesy to Beginners.  

Introduction of A1 CLUB

A1 CLUB is a community of peoples who are interested in CW or Morse Communication. This club was established in October, 1998 with 11 initial members in Japan, but now more than 4100 members are registered including DX members (approx.10%) woldwide. (as of July, 2022, see the latest memberlist here)
Membership requirement is simple, if you like CW or if you are interested in CW, you are most welcome to our club.
Neither entry admission nor regular subscription fee is required. Just "free" as long as you love CW. hi
Members are enjoying CW (A1) mode = Communication by Morse Code and are willing to introduce this fantastic communication tool to other people.

How to Join Members' List Membership number What is A1? About Logo Donation

How to join?
If you like CW or you are interested in Morse Code Communication, you can join the club.
[FULL member] If you have an official license for CW operation, you can be a FULL member.
[ASSOCIATE member] If you have no license for CW operation, you can be a ASSOCIATE member.
To join our club please send e-mail with following information to ;

(0) Subject : A1 CLUB
(1) Call Sign :
(2) Full Name :
(3) Handle (name used in CW QSO) :
(4) Birth Year :
(5) City/Province/Country :
(6) E-mail address :
(7) License for CW operation:  Yes / No
(8) Other Callsign:  (if you have more than 2 effective callsigns)
(9) Do you want a PDF Membership Certificate?:  Yes / No
(10) Message to members:

Note 1: Tittle of E-mail shall include the word [A1 CLUB], otherwise your message may be deleted automatically due to spam cleaning program.

Note 2: (1) and (3) will be shown in the member list on the website. Other items are strictry controlled by the secretary general and never desclosed to anyone.

Note 3: Due to limitation of resource, most of contents in our website are written in Japanese except for the English Portal Blog.
So please try to use a machine translation, if you want to see the Japanese contents deeper.

Members' List
The members list is HERE.
The list is regulary updated about once a week.

Membership Number
The membership number is issued to each member.
The number is assigned sequencially and applied per person not per callsign. (Your membership number is same one even you have more than 2 effective callsigns)
Suffix A is applied for an associate member.
Suffix C and M means Century member and Millenium member respectively. (Details about C/M member is HERE)

What is A1?
As you know well in case of radio.
According to the Japanese Radiowave Regulation, "A1" is defined as follows;
carrier amplitude modulated telegraph without using voice frequency for modulation.

In other general meaning in Europe, "A-1" means "the very best".
Origin of this meaning is a marine insurance company in London.
This company specified "vessel inspection rank" which shows condition of the vessel and its cargo.
The rank of vessel is indicated by alphabet and the rank of cargo is indicated by figure.
"A" means that the vessel is perfect.
"1" means that the cargo is perfect.

About Logo

A1 CLUB's logo comes from Morse Code "A" = Dot,+Dash and shortened "1" = Dot+Dash.
Red color of Dot images "Rising Sun" of the Japanese National Flag
Also, looks like fingers operationg a paddle, doesn't it?

Donation: A1 CLUB is managed by voluntary members.
Donation by PayPal is always welcome to the following account.
  (Please replace + with @)