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Step 1 基本単語100
go am me on by to up so it no of as he if an us or in is at my we do be and man him out not but can who has may was one she all you how any its say are now two for men her had the our his been some then like well made when have only your work over such time were with into very what then more will they come that from must said them this upon great about other shall every these first their could which would there before should little people

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Step 2 その他500語
did low see yet act die sea run age end new set ago sun eye nor son air way far off ten big arm few old too ask get own try add God pay use boy got put war car law red sir yes why cry let sat cut lie saw Mrs ill

also case even five head less just mile once seem talk wall bank fill want tell seen open mind life keep hear four ever city army back cost face full held kept line miss part ship thus week lady many went told show pass most live kind help gave fact dear best bill does fall girl here king long move poor side took were whom town soon read much look knew high give feet done body book dont felt gone hold know lost name real sort tree wide wind true step rest near love land home good till door both call down find half hope last make need road stop turn wish came drop fine hand hour late mark next room sure wait word year walk take same note mean left idea hard fire each care

young watch thing speak right paper least heard dress bring above often water think stand river party leave heart early built after carry again fight horse light place round start those where alone cause force house marry plant serve state three white still today whole short point might human found child along began color given large month price small story under world whose tried stood since power money labor front close among begin court green laugh night quite smile table until write being cover happy learn order reach sound taken voice wrong

chance across letter enough public twenty always change family matter rather wonder answer coming father moment reason result appear demand figure mother remain supply around doctor follow myself return system became dollar friend number school second office garden during become better either happen person toward

hundred against brought produce company already husband receive country America morning several another evening nothing suppose because herself perhaps through believe himself picture whether between however present without

national continue question consider increase American interest possible anything children remember business together

important themselves Washington government something condition president

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Step 3 よくつかう接頭語、接尾語
un ex re de dis mis con com for per sub pur pro post anti para fore coun susp extr trans

ly ing ify ally tial ful ure sume sult jure logy gram hood graph ment pose pute tain ture cient spect quire ulate ject ther

Step 4 良く使うフレーズ

we are, in the, he is, and the, will be, we will, that the, it is, do not, I am, to the, for the, of this, to them, it was, and he, of a, from me, that was, on the, they were, she is, I will, in a, there is, he was, I will, that was

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Step 5 長めの単語

somewhere newspaper wonderful exchange household grandfather overlooked depending movement handsome contained amounting homestead workmanship production discovered preventing misplaced requested breakfast department investment throughout furnishing regulation forwarded friendship herewith foundation deportment geography important lemonade graduation federated educational handkerchief conversation arrangement nightgown commercial exceptional prosperity subscription visionary federation heretofore ingredients certificate pneumonia interview knowledge stockholders property chaperone permanently demonstrated immediately responsible chautauqua candidacy supervisor independent strawberry epidemics specification agricultural catalogues phosphorus schedules rheumatism temperature circumstances convenience Pullman trigonometry bourgeoisie slenderize camouflage broadcast defamatory ramshackle bimonthly predetermined clemency beleaguered voluptuous intoxicating depository pseudonym indescribable hieroglyphics morphologist Yugoslavia cynosure parallelogram pleasurable toxicology bassoonist influenza

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ここに紹介した単語はNφHFF Mr.William Pierpoint著"The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy"から引用しました。

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