A1CLUB 15th Anniversary Project

Callsign-Plate Key
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A1 CLUB turned its 15th anniversary in Oct, 2013.
Celebrating the anniversary, we are pleased to distribute the specially designed Key which is used for both callsign plate and paddle.
The design and production is made by Nomu-san, JA9BSL.

Fig.1 Callsign-Plate Key
(Your Callsign and A1CLUB membership number will be engraved)
Fig.2 Standing position of the plate
(A magnet mounted in the finger tip holds the callsign-plate to the base plate)
Fig.3 Backside of Paddle
(The 3 magnets mounted in backside of the paddle hold the dody to the baseplae firmly)
("A1CLUB 15th Anniversary 1998-2013" engraved)
Fig.4 Rear Side
(Plastic cover can be slided and key touch may be adjusted)
 Operation example video clip (Youtube)  
1)for normal paddle for electric key or paddle for semi-automatic (Ele-Bug) key   
2)for side swiper key
Fig.5 Drawing
Fig.6 Fonts for Callsign Plate
(Select One of 8 fonts)
- Type:   Single Lever Paddle
- Contacts:  Micro switch (right/left independent)
- Rotating Mechanism: Ball bearing (SUS)
- Size: base size 126mmx70mm, Body Thickness 24mm(Max36mm)
- Weight:  Paddle body approx.120g, Base Plate Weight 200g, Total 320g
- Body material: Ebony (thickness approx.6mm)
          Please note there may be color variation on its surface due to natural condition.
- Base Plate material: SUS (thickness 3mm)
- Output:  3.5dia 3P female (at paddle left side)
- Accessoryt: Hex wrentch for adjustment
- Production Capacity : 5sets/week, max.50sets
- Price: 100USD+ following shipping charge
Express mail service
(EMS) (US$)
Zone The 1st zone The 2nd zone The 3rd zone
Area Asia Oceania/North America
and Central America/
Middle and Near East
Europe South America/Africa
Up to 500g 11$ 15$ 18$ 21$
- The flow to dispatch of goods

 1 Order received
 2 Ordering confirmation by e-mail.
 3 Payment    
 4 We announce you a payment check connection and shipment schedule by e-mail.
 5 Goods are shipped.

- Payment


 Price payment account : bslmino@p2422.nsk.ne.jp
 (Do not pay before receipt of the ordering confirmation)

<Sold out on 2013/12/24>