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"A1 CLUB KEY" additional distribution in 2013

Annoucement of "Kizuna 2012" A1 CLUB KEY additional distribution in Tokyo Hamfair 2013.

Dear OMs and YLs

We are pleased to announce that the A1 CLUB KEY "Kizuna2012" will be distributed in the Tokyo Hamfiar 2013.

After the first 260-sets-distributed in 2012, the A1 CLUB KEY "Kizuna2012" has been well accepted and appreciated by many users with its unique feature and speciality

Considering keen request of CW lovers over the world, we finally decided to release additional lot of "Kizuna2012" in the coming Tokyo Hamfair 2013 as follows;

-Standard type only
-Quantity: 40
-With original nameplate with serial number from 261 to 300

Difference between 2012 version and 2013 version is only;
- Hairline finish instead of Mat finish
- No callsign plate is supplied
Please refer to the specification table below for further details.

A1 CLUB project reprersentative
Atsu, JE1TRV

Model  Standard(2013) Standard (2012) Delux (2012)
Product Name  --> Kizuna 2012 (A1 CLUB KEY)
Style  --> Straight + Paddle Combination Key (COMBO type)
Base Size  --> 100X100X10t (mm) 100X100X12t (mm)
Weight  --> approx. 1.2kg
Contacts  --> Ag
Bearings  --> Precision sealed ball bearing and oil-less metal
Shaft Material  --> Stainless steel
Base and parts material  --> Brass Brass, Steel(Base)
Finish Hairline finish for both parts and base  Mat finish for both Parts and Base Parts: Mat finish
Base :Mirror finish with chronium plating
Knobs  --> Straight : Black ABS resin with 4mm screw
Paddle : Red Plastic, t3mm
Paddle contants  --> original thin plate mechanism to improve touch feeling
Paddle tension  --> Spring tension can be adjusted right and left sides individually
Name Plate  --> Size:40X20mm, with Serial Number
Callsign Plate  none Size:40X10mm, same material with Name Plate
Production Volume  40 max.200 sets (50sets per lot)
Distribution Price special price for Ham fair 2013 sold out sold out

Sample Photos of Kizuna2012 (2013 version)