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 お年玉電鍵 YEAR KEY 2021 
  How to Order
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 1 Ask Quotation for
Shipping Cost 
Send e-mail to Sorry@SoldOut with following subject and contents:
Subject: YEAR KEY 2021
 1. Name
 2. Callsign (if any)
 3. Postal Address (up to country is enough)
At least within acouple of days,
 we'll reply quotation including
shipping cost with delivery condition
 2 Confirm the quotation  Confirm the quoted price including shipping cost and delivery terms & condition.
 3  Place Order In reply to the quotation e-mail, please send your intention to order with following contents:

 1.Order Statement : Order Q'ty 1 of the YEAR KEY 2021
 2. Name (Full Name) :
 3. Callsign (if any) :
 4. Postal Address (Full in details) :
 5. E-mail address (for invoicing) :
 6. Phone number (for percel service) :
 7. Yes /No for Owner's List
  (If Yes, ur callsign or initial will be shown on our website)
 In response to your order e-mail,
we'll send the Paypal Invoice with agreed price.
 4  Place Payment Please make payment according to the Paypal invoice.
If you want to cancel the order please e-mail before payment.
In case no payment within 10 days after the date of invoice,
your order will be cancelled automatically.  
 After confirmation of your payment,
we'll send acknowledgement with expected delivery date.

 5  Wait for delivery Please wait for the shipping advice.  Shipping advice will be e-mailed when the goods is hand over to the transportation service company.
 6  Confirm safe arrival When you receive the goods, please confirm the contents.
If you have any trouble such as damage or missing, please inform the details with photos within a week.
Any trouble on arrival which is not attributable to the customer may be compensated (repair or money-back)

Note 1 : Since the number of production is limited to 100 units, we will accept order one unit only per person (we will refuse even if you order multiple times)

Note 2 : For international transportation, the EMS (Express Mail Service of Japan Post) is used as far as it is in-service at the time of delivery.
      Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the EMS is not available for several countries such as W, VK, etc. (Availability of EMS)
      For those countries where the EMS is not available, other alternative service (TA-Q-Bin) will be checked and quoated.

Note 3 : Please be patient for unexpected delay of delivery due to congestion of transportation operation.

Estimated Shipping Cost as of 2020.11.22 (yen = JPY :Japanese Yen)
Shipping type:
First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
1,400 yen 2,000 yen 2,200 yen 2,400 yen
 The countries where EMS is not available, other shipping type such as TA-Q-Bin etc shall be checked and quoted separately.


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