I moved to Oregon in 1973 and recieved the call WA7ZVV and used it till 1974 when
I received the call N7AHN which I held till 1992. In 1992 I applied for my present
call N6TT. Through out the years I have tried all modes and bands, but I kept
going back to my first love which is CW. Today I enjoy CW 100pct, I like to work DX,
rag chew with friends, and sometimes work a contest.
My present station consists of a Icom IC-7800, 2 Alpha 87a amplifiers. The tower
was manufactured by US Towers model HDx-589MDPL, it is a crank up tower that extends to
89FT. At 111FT is a Cushcraft A3, a 3 element yagi for the WARC
bands. At 100FT is the 3 element yagi for 7 MHz made by M2. At 90FT is the 4 element
yagi by Steppir for 10-28 MHz. My rotor is the Orion RC2800a. I use the WBL cw paddles
by Stan W9WBL SK model V22 non iambic.
Recently I set up my station to run remotely on CW only. Using Hamachi Logmein,
TRX-Manager for radio control and logging.
I use two USB Winkeyers by K1EL with WKremote software for CW, using WBL paddles,
IP Sound by SM5VXC for audio, Alpha remote and Comm Server by HB9ZBS to control my
two Alpha 87a amplifiers. I use several programs for rotating my antennas.
I have been married to Linda K6XYL for almost 28 years, One daughter Amy is KB6AMY,
my father is K6USA, mother WB1ELL. I have 5 children and 6 grand children.
I am self employed, and am president of my environmental company which I started in 1990.