CW Decoder (CWD2014)     Planned Distribution Price: 3,000JPY  Q'ty : 200sets
 This kit decodes MorseCodes from audio signal from radio equipment and displays on the LCD.
 Not suitable for contest speed (more than 30WPM). It might be useful as a helper for normal QSO.
 It is also very useful for sending practice of straight keys or bug keys. --> see video clip  

(1) Considering usage of hamradio some prosigns are indicated as follows:
   ( --> [KN], = --> [BT], + --> [AR], [VA]→[SK].

(2) Automatic/Manual switchover between Japanese Code(WABUN) and International Code (OUBUN)
  [ホレ] switch OUBUN to WABUNl,[ラタ] switch WABUN to OUBUN.

(3) Speed range about 11wpm to 30wpm.

(4) Narrow (+/-50Hz) / Wide(+/-100Hz) selectable audio filter. Initial setting is Narrow.

(5) Center Freq.: 500Hz/600Hz/700Hz/800Hz switchable. Initial setting is 600Hz.

(6) Input: Audio Input Port 

(7) Power Source: DC4.5〜6V

Namual (Japanese)

Fig.: Sample assembly (Case, battery, battery box, are not included)

Tone Generator with Keyer (TGWK2014)       Planned Distribution Price: 1,500JPY  Q'ty : 200sets

 This kit is a valuable tone sinusoidal tone generator with keyer function.
Using PIC12F1822 5bit D/A converte, you can enjoy keying practice with confortable audio tone.

(1) Tone valuable range: about 400Hz to 1025Hz

(2) Keyer speed range: about 5wpm to 36wpm 

(3) Output : Speaker port 

(4) Input port: 2 (for paddle and for straight key)

(5) Power Source : Battery 2 AAA (3V) only

Manual (Japanese)

Fig.: Sample assembly (Case, External volume, knob, battery, battery box, codes, are not included)